About Us

RIFA Rail Industry Fire Association

RIFA was launched in 1996 following the privatisation of British Rail in 1995. The launch took place at the Fire Protection Association headquarters at Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire.

Sir Bryan Collins, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Fire Services, supported the launch. Also in attendance were Terry Worrell, Executive Board member British Rail, Brian Appleton, President of RIFA and Stewart Kidd, Chief Executive of the FPA.

RIFA published their objectives, which were to share information, experience and best practice in the management of fire safety throughout the Railway Industry and to provide advice when requested.

With the demise of the British Railways Board, it was recognised by all concerned, that there would no longer be one management body with the overall responsibility for Fire Safety across the rail industry.

RIFA was therefore recognised by those rail industry organisations supporting the launch, as the appropriate body for continuing this function, and to act as the industry voice for the benefit of its members and to maintain Fire Safety Standards throughout the industry.

This process would be of particular benefit, when dealing with Fire Equipment Manufacturers, Fire Engineers, Fire Authorities, London Underground Limited, and Government Departments, including HMRI and The Fire Service Inspectorate.

It therefore became the responsibility of the Chairman and Executive Committee together with the membership to ensure the future of RIFA is maintained by actively seeking new members.

What could not be challenged is that there was and still is a need for a body such as RIFA, to represent the Rail Industry in all matters concerning Fire Safety.